Chamber Music Projects Season 2021- 2022

Jens-Peter Maintz (violoncello) & Matthias Kirschnereit (piano)

Works by L. v. Beethoven, R. Schumann, J. S. Bach, D. Schostakowitsch and F. Mendelssohn

Jens-Peter Maintz (violoncello)

Johann Sebastian Bach - a selection of the suites for violoncello solo

Stefan Vladar (piano), Isabelle van Keulen (violine), Veronika Hagen (viola) & Jens-Peter Maintz (violoncello)

Works by J. Brahms, G. Fauré and W. A. Mozart

Sebastian Manz (clarinet) & Sebastian Studnitzky (piano, electronic)

"A Bernstein Story"
Works and  und transcriptions by I. Strawinsky, L. Bernstein, S. Reich

Sebastian Manz (clarinet), Robert Neumann (piano) & Maximilian Hornung (violoncello)

Works by C. Debussy, I. Yun, M. Bruch, N. Rota, A. v. Zemlinsky and J. Brahms

Sebastian Manz (clarinet), Tianwa Yang (violine) & Nicholas Rimmer (piano)

Works by A. Chatschaturjan and J. Brahms

Boulanger Trio

„Teach me, Mademoiselle!“ - the students of Nadia Boulanger
Program for the debut album at Berlin Classics, Release: Autumn 2020

Works by L. Bernstein, A. Copland, P. Glass, J. Françaix, Q. Jones, N. Boulanger and A. Piazzolla

Boulanger Trio & Omar Massa (Bandoneon)

Program for the Piazzolla year 2021/2022

Works by A. Piazzolla, J. S. Bach, A. Ginastera, N. Boulanger and S. Rachmaninoff

Boulanger Trio

On the occasion of Wolfgang Rihm's 70th birthday in 2022

Works by R. Schumann and W. Rihm

Quatuor Arod

Works by A. Borodine, B. Bartók, M. Ravel, W. A. Mozart and R. Schumann

Quatuor Arod & Julia Hagen (violoncello)

Works by B. Bartók and F. Schubert

Parker Quartett & Martin Stadtfeld (piano)

Works by W. A. Mozart, A. Schnittke and A. Dvořák

Zemlinsky Quartett

Program for the 180th birthday of Antonín Dvořák in 2021

A string quartet cycle with all of Dvořák's string quartets.

Amaryllis Quartett

Works by J. Haydn, G. Ligeti, J. Brahms, W. A. Mozart, W. Rihm and E. Grieg

Amaryllis Quartett & Tjadina Wake-Walker (oboe)

Works by W. A. Mozart, B. Britten, J. Philips and E. Grieg

Amaryllis Quartett & Matthias Kirschnereit (piano)

Works by J. Brahms

Ragnhild Hemsing (violine, hardanger fiddel) & Mario Häring (piano)

Works by E. Grieg, Halvorsen, O. Bull, S. Nyhus and J. S. Svendsen

Hemsing/Larsen Trio

Ragnhild Hemsing, violine, viola und hardanger fiddel
Gjermund Larsen, violine und hardanger fiddel
Einar Olav Larsen, viola und hardanger fiddel

A mix of traditional, swedish folk and own compositions.

Fratres Trio

Fedor Rudin (violine)
Hayrapet Arakelyan (saxophone)
Florian Noack (piano)

The Sound of the 20s

Works by D. Milhaud, I. Stravinsky, F. Waller, D. Ellington, M. Ravel and G. Gershwin

Annika Treutler (piano)

Works by R. Schumann, V. Ullmann, F. Liszt and J. Brahms

Annika Treutler (piano), Stephan Waarts (violine) & Alexey Stadler (violoncello)

Works by J. Brahms, P. I. Tschaikowski, D. Schostakowitsch, F. Mendelssohn, M. Weinberg, F. Schubert, R. Schumann, V. Ullmann and F. Liszt

Alexander Krichel (piano) & The Shanghai Quartet

Works by A. Dvořák and J. Brahms.

Alexander Krichel (piano) & Matthias Höfs (trumpet)

Works by J. Baston, J. S. Bach, J. N. Hummel, F. Liszt, T. Charlier, E. Bozza, G. Enescu, M. Ravel a.o.

Matthias Kirschnereit (piano)

CD-Program for the current album "The Unknown Beethoven" at Berlin Classics

With known and unknown works by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Jae-Hyuck Cho (piano)

Program for the debut album at Solo Musica, Release: Autumn 2021

Works by F. Chopin, F. Liszt and J. S. Bach

casalQuartett & Marcello Nisinman (Bandoneon)

Works by A. Piazzolla, J. S. Bach, G. Gershwin, C. Gardel, M. Nisinman a.o.

Felix Klieser (Horn), Martina Filjak (piano) & Andrej Bielow (violine)

Works by C. Koechlin, J. Brahms, R. Schumann and F. N. Duvernoy

Felix Klieser (horn) & Zemlinsky Quartett

Mozart-Journey - moderation by Felix Klieser

Works by J. Haydn and W. A. Mozart

Music and poetry

casalQuartett & Katja Riemann

Schubertiade with texts and letters from and about Franz Schubert.

Works by W. A. Mozart, N. Paganini and F. Schubert

Sebastian Manz (clarinet) & Henning Westphal (narrator)

"Konferenz der Tiere" by Erich Kästner

Works by C. M. v. Weber, J. Widmann, A. Reimann, E. Denissow, T. Olah a.o.

"A christmas charol" by Charles Dickens

Works by A. Mozart, G. Gershwin, B. Goodmann, E. Denissow, J. Takács a.o.

Boulanger Trio & Johann von Bülow (narrator)

Tucholsky in Schweden - a scandinavia-experiences:
With texts from the novel „Schloss Gripsholm" (Kurt Tucholsky) and works by E. Andrée and L. Norman.

Der alte Mann und das Meer:
with texts from „Der alte Mann und das Meer“ (Ernest Hemingway) and works by A. Piazzolla, A. Dvořák and E. Bloch.

1914-1918 In der Schule wurden die Bänke leer:
With texts from E. M. Remarques, E. Kästner, S. Zweig, L. Feuchtwanger und M. Kaléko and works by M. Ravel, R. Stephan, L. Boulanger and P. Juon.

Boulanger Trio with Ulrich Noethen (narrator) & Hans von Trotha (narrator)

A Sentimental Journey - a commented journey under the skull of sensitivity.

An evening revolving around the Irish-English author Laurence Sterne, who invented the modern novel in the mid-18th century and is considered one of the boldest experimenters in literary history.

Works by R. Schumann, M. Kagel, F. Schubert, G. F. Händel, F. Martin, N. Rimsky-Korsakov, C. Ives and M. Bonis



Stefan Vladar (piano) & Bo Skovhus (bariton)

Works by F. Schubert, R. Schumann, and G. Mahler

Boulanger Trio & Andrè Schuen (bariton)

Works by L. v. Beethoven, B. Britten and F. Martin 

Zemlinsky Quartett & Lisa Larsson (sopran)

Works by L. v. Beethoven, R. Martinsson, A. v. Zemlinsky and A. Dvořák

Christoph Prégardien (tenor), Franziska Hölscher (violine) Jens-Peter Maintz (violoncello) Daniel Heide (piano)

Works by F. Schubert and L. v. Beethoven

Alexander Krichel (piano), Juliane Banse (soprano) & István Simon (dance)

F. Schubert: Winterreise D 911, a danced song cycle

"The break with classical performance in the concert hall and the new constellation enable a different approach to music and tell the story from different angles," says choreographer Andreas Heise.The fusion of music, theater and dance helps to re-express Schubert's music and Müller's poetry, with the aim of finding a unique, complete, surprising and truthful interpretation of the Winterreise.